On this page we deal with issue plans that ect any new construction preliminary plans for alterations, renovations. are intended.
Here we will create the design to your liking and according to the feasibility.

You want your house sell, and need for better representation planning your apartment or property?
Also we can do for you !.
Some of our plans can be found in subsequent images slider.

For the measurement of a property according, and the compilation of a ground plan on the scale of 1: 100 together with four views in 2D format, we calculate:
for objects up to 54 sqm of living space 90.- Euro
from 55 to 74 sqm of living space 380.- Euro
from 75 to 84 sqm of living space 450.- Euro
from 85 to 100 sqm living space 570.- Euro
from 101 to 135 sqm living space 740.- Euro
about it ……… 800.- Euro
These costs are based on a single-storey object.
For each additional floor we charge 150.- Euro
Serve for virtual flooring, as well as drawing
of the Supervision in 3D, additional perspective external views.
Supplement per floor … 75.- Euro
Creation of a virtual video on DVD or web.
depending on object size and video runtime from 200 to 1,000